Sunday, November 28, 2010

Waiting For Mary..............

Hailing from Cleveland in the mid 70's Pere Ubu were never likely to achieve mass appeal. They have always been loved by critics and fellow performers and have in David Thomas a total one off. Eccentric does not come anywhere near the mark but he is always worth watching. Always ahead of their time you can hear their lasting influence in countless bands over the last 30 odd years. The debut album, The Modern Dance, is the album that they are most known for and has stood the test of time well. In the late 1980's MTV picked up on the single Waiting For Mary and they had a Number 6 hit  in the U.S. Modern Rock Chart. Somewhere in the loft I have a VHS tape of the band performing on the Roland Rat Show (!!!) from round about the same time that no-one else seems to have seen but is one of the strangest music performances I have ever seen - from memory there is no attempt to lip sync or play their instruments, they basically just sit there throwing bits of paper at each other. Essential viewing. For the following TV appearance they roped in a few friends.....

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  1. Any chance of you resurrecting that VHS of Pere Ubu on the Roland Rat Show?
    I know some people would love to see it again and it's nowhere to be found.