Monday, November 29, 2010

I'm Having Fun Now....

I started Saturday night bitterly cold in Glasgow's West End and finished the evening with a warm glow after spending the evening in the company of Jenny and Johnny at one of the Glasgow's finest venues, Oran Mor.

The set comprised mainly tracks from the lovebirds album I'm Having Fun Now which can be purchased here . To supplement the album they also played a few of each others solo tracks but sadly no Rilo Kiley songs were played.

They were joined onstage by a drummer and guitarist and just had a lot of fun playing to an almost sold out venue. This was an evening for top drawer melodies that just made you smile from cheek to cheek. The spirits of Gram Parsons and Emmylou Harris permeated the venue whenever they harmonized together, with Jenny Lewis in particular sounding great throughout. From the album the standout songs were Big Wave, a track about the demise of Lewis' beloved California, and first track of the show, Committed.

There was not a huge amount of between song chat but with songs as good as these who needs idle chit chat. Even without much interaction Jenny Lewis had the crowd eating out of the palm of her hand from the off.

They finished the gig with the standout track of the evening, Lewis' Carpetbaggers which was the perfect track to end the show. This was the first time I had seen Jenny Lewis and certainly won't be the last.


  1. I've seen her a few times, a couple with Rilo Kiley which were brilliant, once with the Watson Twins which was astounding and once on the Acid Tongue tour which was a big yawn. I was really disappointed that night as she had been so good before. Especially at King Tut's when Rilo Kiley did With Arms Outstretched.

    But the Acid Tongue album along with the final Rilo Kiley album I didn't rate anyway. Will need to give the latest album a few more listens as I've played it once not really listening and dismissed it as more of the same.

    My only criticsm of Oran Mor, sore feet from the extremly hard and cold floor and no Irn Bru!

    Will need to give the jenny and Johnny album a few more plays

  2. There was certainly plenty of Irn Bru needed the morning after. Does take a few listens but worth persevering with....just sounds like they had a lot of fun making it...