Monday, April 4, 2011

The Immaculate Pop Conception....

After The Fire Engines split Davey Henderson went onto form one of Scotland's finest ever pop bands in Win. The music was a mix of glam, funk and out and out pop that somehow managed to evade the great record buying public.

Uh! Tears Baby is pop music as it should be. Huge choruses, subversive lyrics and great tunes combine to make Win's debut album a pop classic. Eschewing the trademark guitar sound of previous outfit, The Fire Engines, Henderson's Win were more in tune with bands like Heaven 17. It does sound like it should have a ZTT label on the album with it's huge hooks, big plastic drums, synths and very 80's sounding production, but even a TV Ad using You Got The Power failed to land them the success they deserved and craved.

Second album, Freaky Trigger was even bigger, glossier, shinier and gloriously poppier than the debut. It was like a who's who of great music with elements of Prince, Marc Bolan and Scritti Politti amongst others all blended together to form a great pop artefact full of catchy bubblegum sounds that had HIT written all over them.

Hope you enjoy.

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