Sunday, April 3, 2011

Greetings I Bring....

Lindon Andrew Roberts, more commonly known as Half Pint first came to the public's attention with the classic track Greetings back in the mid 80's.

Half Pint was another artist that I first came across via The Tube . Up 'til this point my knowledge of Reggae was fairly minimal. Excluding Bob Marley I wasn't that up on my Reggae but that changed after seeing Half Pint on The Tube performing with Sly and Robbie. Half Pint never received the success or acclaim that others did but, for me, Greetings is one of the best tracks I have heard in any genre and remains a track that I play regularly too this day.

Uplifting, inspirational and just a joy to listen to Greetings deserves a few minutes of your undivided attention.

The mid 80's was a great time for reggae with the likes of Wayne Smith, Barrington Levy and Half Pint, all of whom popularised the dancehall sound and brought reggae to a wider audience.

Somewhere I have a video of Half Pint's appearance on the Tube and one day I will attempt to upload the video to share but until then....

Greetings I bring from jah
To all raggamuffin whooey
Greetings I bring from jah whooey
To all raggamuffin whooey

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