Thursday, March 31, 2011

Jensen,Long and Skinner....

Apart from all the great bloggers that I have mentioned previously my other main inspiration for starting this blog was the great man whose picture is to the right of this post. John Peel, more than any other person shaped my musical taste over the 10 years or so that I would almost religiously listen at 10 PM to his show on BBC Radio 1. I started the blog not long after last year's annual Peel Day and hopefully this October I can contribute something as opposed to sitting on the sideline as I have done in the past.

However there were 3 other DJ's that also played a large part in forming my musical taste namely Kid Jensen, Janice Long and Richard Skinner. All 3 of them produced shows that were very important in giving exposure to up and coming bands and between them had sessions from the likes of The Smiths, Orange Juice, The Woodentops, The Cocteau Twins and Bourgie Bourgie. Yes there shows were a lot more commercial than some of the output that Peel would would play but their importance in breaking new bands cannot be underestimated.

Jensen and Long were both in the time slot prior to Peel's show and both broke new ground with the music they played and quite often would cause interruption to my game of rounders so that I could go home and listen to the latest session from the likes of Orange Juice or Lloyd Cole and The Commotions.

Peel will always be the barometer and is easily the single most important radio DJ this country will ever have but I say hats off to Jensen, Long and Skinner who played their parts in introducing myself and many others to some great sounds over the years.

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