Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Bit Of Sunday Northern Soul....

I have just returned from a trip to Stockholm, hence the lack of postings for the last week. If we can manage it we try and do a city break annually and this year thought we would try somewhere a bit different to the places we normally go to like Paris or Prague. And as Stockholm had come highly recommended we thought why not give it a try. After being there for most of last week I can easily see why anyone we spoke to who had been there spoke so fondly of it. It is a truly beautiful European capital that is well worth visiting.

Obviously no city break is complete without visiting some record stores whilst there and Stockholm certainly had a few decent ones, in particular Larry's Corner and Pet Sounds are well worth an hour, or three, of your time.

I didn't buy as much as I expected as music, along with most other things in Stockholm is expensive but I did get a couple of decent compilations, the first of which was a Northern Soul which has about 30 tracks of which I could happily have posted almost every track as the standard is that good but have whittled it down to these 2 stonking tunes

Hope you enjoy....

The Cavaliers - Hold On To My Baby
Major Lance - Investigate


  1. Good tracks.

    I've been to Stockholm with work and it is a lovely city but sore on the wallet.

    I love Sweden, especially the west. really nice people who have got life sussed.

    Next time you should try Gothenburg.

  2. Could easily have spent another couple of weeks there. Have looked at Gothenburg a few times so that may be one for the future.