Monday, May 16, 2011

Spit 'N' Polish....

Following on from yesterday's post, the other CD I bought over in Stockholm comes courtesy of Glasgow's finest country/roots label Spit 'n' Polish. The label is a division of Shoeshine Records that specializes in all things country/folk/roots that started in 2000 with the album that John Peel described as "my favourite album of the last 10 years and possibly my life", Laura Cantrell's "Not The Trembin' Kind".

Don't know much else bout the label but the CD does have some pretty decent stuff on it including this cracking tune from Amy Rigby. After having a look on Wiki it turns out that Amy is married to Wreckless Eric and has been releasing solo material since 1996. Not quite sure how I have managed to miss Amy Rigby up 'til now but I can feel a bit of music buying coming upon me....

Amy Rigby - Don't Ever Change

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