Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Enough Is Enough....

I wasn't going to post anything on tomorrow's Scottish Parliament elections for a couple of reasons. Firstly because I don't normally do "personal" posts and secondly most people in Scotland are probably sick of hearing about the election daily for the last 6 weeks or so and just want it over and done with.

However after reading Drew's post over here I thought I would go against type and share my views with the great blogging public. Like Drew I am quite simply fed up having to justify why I have traditionally put my X next to a party that have, amongst many other failings, blindly taken us into an illegal war in Iraq, a party that is fully supportive of keeping Trident (and using Scotland's waters as a base), a party that still claims to be the party of "the working man" while jumping into bed with Murdoch and his ilk and a party that seem to endorse a "jobs for the boys" policy within the arms length organisations of Glasgow's City Council. Enough is enough, we need a party in power in Scotland who believe in and trust the Scottish people.

And yes, there are obviously differences in opinion between Scottish Labour and the Westminster Labour Party but I still feel that they do not always have the best interests of the Scottish people at heart and have ran one of the most negative campaigns in living memory and that there is only one place that I can with total conviction put my X tomorrow and that is for the party that I think has done a good job under sometimes difficult circumstances over the last 4 years and will best support the hard working people of this great country of ours.

In their leaders' words they have done "no bad" and fully deserve another chance to lead Scotland for the next 5 years.

And always remember there are countless millions of people all over the world who would, literally, die for the chance to vote so make full use of your votes and use them wisely.

Happy voting.

Nina Simone - Feeling Good


  1. Well said Scott, people really should get off their arses and vote.

  2. Can't believe the amount of people that I've spoken to in the last few days who are not voting. Rational, intelligent people who can't be bothered to walk to a polling station and put 3 X's on 3 sheets of paper. And they are the same people that complain for the next 5 years about whatever party wins. Mandatory voting perhaps?

  3. Voting should be compulsory. I'm sick to the back teeth listening to people moaning who it turns out haven't bothered to vote.