Saturday, May 7, 2011

Passion, Pride and Honesty....

A couple of years back I purchased a USB Turntable with the intention of putting all my vinyl on to the P.C.

It did not really turn out that way however as I have mostly just used the turntable as just that, a turntable and nothing more. Which in it's own way has been great as I have not had an actual turntable for about 10 years so it has obviously been a joy to listen to some old vinyl that had not left their sleeves for a few years. But that is about to change as I am now going back back to the original reason for buying the turntable in the first place and starting to transfer some of that wonderful vinyl onto the P.C.

I also dusted down a couple of boxes of old 45's and thought that I would pop some tracks onto the P.C. and then, at random post some of them on here.

And this was the first random choice that came out the box....

The Truth - Confusion (Hits Us Every Time)

There is a piece inside the gatefold 7" single from Chris Page that sums the band up pretty well for anyone who doesn;t know much about them :

"At a time when so many groups have become too theatrical and too distant from their audiences, The Truth are a breath of fresh air. Passion, pride and honesty reflect in exhilarating music which comes directly from their heart and soul to the audience. Listen to the irrepressible beat, the up front rhythms of the guitar and the perfect backdrop of soulful rambling hammond organ."

That just about sums up perfectly what Dennis Greaves was trying to achieve with the band and although Greaves always came across as a bit "Weller Lite" they did produce a couple of great singles in the early 80's that deserve to be heard again.

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