Sunday, July 31, 2011

Great Debut Albums....Part 2

If you enjoy intelligent, melodic pop of the 80s jangly guitar pop variety as made famous by the likes of Aztec Camera and Orange Juice you could do a lot worse than the debut album from Del Amitri.

Jangly guitars , heartfelt singing and superb lyrics dominate on one of the great lost little gems of the era. It's astounding how different this is from anything Del Amitri went on to make. While Del Amitri went on to great fame during their A&M career - nothing they ever did came close to matching the sheer pop brilliance of their self-titled debut album. I have always felt that there was a certain charm to this album that was missing from all the subsequent releases.

I have always maintained a liking for the music of Del Amitri throughout the years but for me it will always be the self titled debut that gets aired around these quarters and which remains in my eyes a great debut release.

Del Amitri - Hammering Heart


  1. exactly right om every way! - one the sleeve notes for the reissue Justin Currie mentions that they had a manifesto of no chords!
    He complains of their being too many lyrics but when they are this good there is no such thing as too many
    always felt that Trashcan sinatras first lp is the bastard son of this debut

  2. One of life's eternal mysteries is why every Trashcans album does not go straight in at Numero Uno in the chart. Same applies to The Go Betweens/Robert Forster. Still remember buying Obscurity Knocks when it came out and thinking they were going to be massive. I still hold out hope.