Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Mekons....

Dan Dare fans The Mekons emerged from the same Leeds University scene that also brought us the mighty Gang Of Four. Over the years they have transformed their sound from the anarchistic pounding of blokes who couldn't really play to a group versed in a wide variety of styles from punk to country and folk to reggae.

Whatever the scenario, what has remained consistent throughout The Mekons' existence has been great music performed with style, grace, and a ribald sense of humour, including this gem from '78....

The Mekons - Where Were You


  1. did they do ghost of an american astronaut? I love that single but that is pretty much all i know by them (if indeed it was them!)

  2. Stay tuned for info on the forthcoming documentary Revenge of the Mekons here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Revenge-of-the-Mekons/158606240816590?ref=ts

  3. F.O.R.W. - It certainly was them. Just a great pop song with a lovely Northern vocal. Worth checking the album it came from - http://amzn.to/phwDNn.

  4. Thanks Anon, will check that out. Cheers.