Sunday, October 2, 2011

Two For The Price Of One....

Just as the special offers end on alcohol at Scottish supermarkets so begins 2 For 1 offers on Spools Paradise.

Today's post features two new bands from Edinburgh who are creating a bit of a buzz at the moment and it's not hard to realise why.

I first heard Cancel The Astronauts new single a couple of days ago here and would have to back up Drew's advice to help them buy their plectrum shaped swimming pool and buy their new EP. The five piece from Edinburgh seem to hark back to the period when bands thought about the b-sides to their singles as all three tracks on the EP are excellent. Ed at 17 Seconds has been championing this band for a while and they seem to be getting better and gaining in confidence with every release.

Cancel The Astronauts - Funny For A Girl by Argos Barks

Bwani Junction first came to my attention this very morning with an article about them in today's Sunday Herald. As mentioned in the piece guitarist Dan Muir's father, Gordon, was at one time manager of The Bhundu Boys and was taught some guitar licks from Rise Kagona from Zimbabwe's finest. Given that their indie rock sound is heavily influenced by jit or afrobeat, they have already picked up inevitable and lazy comparisons with Vampire Weekend. I saw one description today that labelled them as ‘Tropical Punk Rock with Scottish Overtones’. Whatever the label is ultimately doesn't matter. What does matters is whether they make decent music and of that there is no doubt.

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