Thursday, October 6, 2011

Bunnymen Blues Continue....

I was having a look through some previous postings last night when I suddenly realised that one of my more recent ones had "disappeared". I then found it had changed to draft status. At first I thought that I had changed it by accident so I then re-posted the "offending article".

It was only this morning that when checking my email that I found out this was not the case. My bad luck with the Bunnymen seems to be continuing as, yes you've guessed, those lovely DMCA people have visited the blog. Not sure if it's because the track is on Warners or not - maybe someone with more experience of this can enlighten me.

I suppose there is a certain irony in the fact that I have been doing Spools Paradise for almost a year now and only put a disclaimer up last week. Perhaps they just didn't appreciate my Bunnymen review !!

I have re-posted the Bunnymen review with a video of one of the first times that we got to hear the majestic Ocean Rain live on The Tube.

The Redskins - Keep On Keeping On



    Totally unrelated. However, MT passed away the other day - I know how big a Miracles fan you are...

  2. It's totally arbitrary what the DMCA guys go for. I got a take down for a Weatherall remix of Doves and received an email from the band's manager saying that neither he, the band nor the record label had made a complaint!

  3. They got my My Kingdom post as well. Guess they don't want songs up from the album they're promoting cos it might affect sales. Sales of an album most people who are interested in will already have bought at least twice.

  4. Also, it might not be totally arbitrary- someone pointed out the other day, stuff that's rare-ish and being sold on ebay might trigger a complaint (from the seller) to keep the price up. Hence Weatherall Doves remix, possibly.

  5. Cheers John - sad loss,some beautiful guitar work on Cruisin'.

    Drew - Makes you wonder where the complaints come from. I just assumed that a label like Warners would have a team of people trawling sites for tracks from their artists.

    Adam - As you say most people that would have read the post more than likely already own the track in some form or other. Interesting theory regarding the ebay complaints. I'm surprised it has taken this long for me to get a DMCA notice, kinda feel as though I am now officially a blogger.

  6. Hey Scott, I didn't check out the link you first posted, but did it direct to youtube? Warners and Viacom are notorious for trawling youtube for content and enforcing bans on anything they claim a copyright on. It's fair enough, I guess, but they are pretty strict about it. I even tried to watch a film trailer online that Warner's apparently owned the audio track to -- they left the trailer up but blocked 100% of the audio over copyright infringement! It was pretty weird.

    Anyway, I'm glad you've got the original post\review back up on the site ;)

  7. Thanks Alana - the original post was one that did not have a youtube video,it was a link to an actual track that someone somewhere obviously did not want posted on the blog.