Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Dancing With The Rude Boys....

With their blend of raucous punk rock laced with reggae and dub, The Ruts were one of the most exciting bands to emerge from Britain's late-'70s music scene. Raised on a healthy diet of reggae, ska, jazz and funk, there was nothing contrived or formulated about the Ruts. Their love of reggae, in particular, wasn’t faked. They had a better feel and understanding of the genre than, arguably, any band before or since. The Londoners were latecomers to punk's party and never quite achieved the kudos of a Clash or a Pistols but in Malcolm Owen, they had and lost one of rock's great storytellers who will always be remembered as an impassioned and powerful performer and as the lead singer of a band who still remain today as one of the key bands of their generation.

The Ruts - Staring At The Rude Boys

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