Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Stranded Far From Home....

Formed around 1974 as Kid Galahad & The Eternals in Brisbane Australia, The Saints released the punk classic (I'm)Stranded on their own Fatal Records label when no other labels wanted to know. Its release in late '76 predated Anarchy In The UK and New Rose and their I'm Stranded Album predated The Damned first album in early '77.

Never as political as bands like the Pistols, The Saints were a scorching rock'n'roll band, full of attitude, capable of unleashing some of the most blistering sounds of the punk era. The Saints were to Australia what the Sex Pistols were to Britain and the Ramones to America.

(I'm)Stranded remains one of the defining tracks of the punk scene and to this day they are still, quite rightly, highly revered in their native Australia.

The Saints - (I'm Stranded)

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