Thursday, November 3, 2011

Bellshill's Finest....

I have just watched the Creation at the Beeb show from last week and it made me think of The BMX Bandits who sadly were not on the show but did release a handful of great tunes on said label. The BMX Bandits seem to have been around forever. I have fond memories of seeing them in Crystals in East Kilbride in the early 90's but their fanbase has never grown beyond the confines of a fervent cult following. Shame that as Duglas and Co have been producing some great work since '86's debut E102.

They spent 3 years on Creation, releasing 3 albums and in Serious Drugs released one of the best tracks by any band on the label. Over the years former band members have went on to greater success but it looks like The Bandits will remain one of Scotland's best kept secrets....

BMX Bandits - Serious Drugs

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  1. They have released some great stuff and the last album Bee Stings is among their best, After I Make Love To You, is sublime. But the album My Chain, is so terribly twee that even the thought of it makes my teeth ache.