Saturday, November 5, 2011

Great Debut Albums Part 4....

Raw, punky, folky, witty, and beautiful - five words to describe the debut album release from James. There is a mania about Stutter that makes the album utterly compelling. The album also achieved a sensitive, soaring beauty that laid the groundwork for some of the great work they produced in the 90's and beyond. Stutter captured them at their essence and stands as an introduction to the creativity they would continue to produce in their later work.

James - Johnny Yen


  1. I think there best song, well that or something I'm going to post tomorrow on the back of this.

  2. That and Hymn From A Village for me are their finest moments. Loved a lot of the later stuff but Stutter is the one I always go back to...

  3. Love all their stuff

    saw them on friday play with a full orchestra and choir - could have been self indulgent over the top clap trap
    however they played loads of songs I'd never heard live before and sometimes with full choir and strings going bonkers almost took the roof off

    Amazingly Why so close also worked really well

  4. I didn't go for the very reasons you had concerns over that it would be a tad self indulgent but have heard now from a few people who all said it was awesome. I think my experience of The Bunnymen with a string section recently put me off as well.

  5. the more i think about it the better it was