Saturday, February 18, 2012

Not The Future Of Rock 'N' Roll....

Even for a new band less than 40 minutes on stage seems pretty damn short. But that is precisely what Glasgow got on Wednesday at King Tuts with Spector. If you take away the in between song inanities from Fred MacPherson the set was closer to half an hour.

Was it a good half hour, well spent I hear you blithely enquire. Yes and No is the simple answer to that question. I had seen the comparisons beforehand to the likes of The Strokes and Pulp, but for me I felt for most of the gig that I had been transported back to 1979 at the height of the New Wave scene. I kept thinking of bands like The Jags and The Knack when watching them. Which is no bad thing but those bands were in the first division when you had the likes of The Jam and Joy Division sitting at the top of the Premier League.

I also worry at gigs when the band try to encourage the crowd to show more appreciation and enthusiasm. It did appear to be a fairly lacklustre crowd but that was largely because most of the material was not strong enough to warrant much energy from the sold out crowd. In saying that I have been to a many inferior gigs over the years and I did enjoy the brief set, in particular Never Fade Away and Chevy Thunder. I just don't think they are as good as they think they are and are certainly not "the future of rock'n'roll".


  1. Anybody calling themselves Spector has a lot to live up to from the off and on Wednesday's performance they ain't got it. What they do have is 2 songs and I suspect a singer with an ego the size of a planet.

  2. That just about sums them up...good band but not a great band...Never Fade Away is a great track however....