Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Then I Will Receive You Gladly....

Sometimes original is best. When it comes to music more often than not this is the case. And it most certainly is the case when it comes to Cherry Oh Baby.

As with most people I first came upon the track through the Brummie boys, UB40 and to be fair they did a pretty decent cover. But one listen to the original and that falsetto and you wonder why they bothered.

Eric won the Jamaican Festival Song Competition back in '71 and to date there are over 30 covers, most notably the aforementioned UB40 and, perhaps surprisingly, The Rolling Stones. He went on to win the Song Festival another six times and has resulted in him being known as "Mr. Festival".

His high-pitched vocal is filled with an exuberant joy that is displayed to full effect on his most famous tune.

Eric Donaldson - Cherry Oh Baby

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