Sunday, December 30, 2012

Rock On Scotland....

Having just finished reading today's Sunday Herald article on the top 50 Scottish albums of 2012 I proceeded to Spotify to have a listen to some of them just to see if in the words of said paper's Alan Morrison "it's hard not to agree that something special is happening".

After a couple of hours listening to as many of the featured bands as time would allow I would have to agree that the music coming out of this small country of ours is every bit as good as what is happening elsewhere in music at the moment.

I would also have to agree with Alan that "Scotland is home to people who lead their musical field. For reasons mentioned at the start of December I have missed out on a lot of new music this year but will try and rectify that in 2013. To be honest a good majority of the bands listed in the Top 5o are largely unknown to me but quite a few will be investigated further in 2013.

How I managed to bypass the likes of The Unwinding Hours, We Are The Physics and Lau I do not know. However as I've always had a soft spot for a short, sharp tune  special mention must go to Chris Devotion and the Expectations' distillation of the finer moments of modern purveyors of the two and a half minute tune such as The Gaslight Anthem and The Hives.

As I will have no internet access tomorrow I would like to wish all the visitors to the site all the best for 2013 and hope to god that it is far better than the year that is thankfully almost over.

Happy New Year one and all, when it comes....


  1. All the best Scott and I hope 2013 is much better for you than 2012 has been.

  2. Thanks Drew. Hope you have a good 2013. Happy NY.