Thursday, May 23, 2013

We're Totally Innocent......

Last Friday I fulfilled a musical ambition I had held for the best part of 27 years when I finally got to see one of Glasgow's finest ever bands, James King and The Lone Wolves.

This was a band I never thought I would get the opportunity to see live. But fortunately for me, my mate J and the couple of hundred others at Queen's Park Glasshouse the nearly men from Glasgow played a blistering live comeback set as part of the annual Southside Festival.

Excluding a charity gig a couple of years back this "comeback" gig took 28 years to happen. The set was a mix of most of the "Texas Lullaby" EP, some tracks from the never released album from the 80's and all the tracks from the new EP.

As expected it took a few tracks to really kick off the set but once it got going it never let up for the next hour or so. King's voice has lost none of it's legendary ferocity and although it may have lacked the intensity of the shows back in the early 80's this would still kick the arse off most live acts today.

Highlights for me were "Texas Lullaby", "Happy Home" and new single "Pretty Blue Eyes". "Fun Patrol" was so good they even played it twice.

Will they record more ? Will they play again ? Did they have fun ? Who knows but let's hope that the answer is yes to all three. On the basis of this gig the live shows can only get better the more they play together. The new tracks sounded great and bode well for any future recordings.

The nearly men in the 80's may yet get there in the 2000's.

James King and The Lone Wolves -  Texas Lullaby

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