Thursday, May 2, 2013

A True Rock'n'Roll Rebel....

Today would have been the 84th birthday of one of the greatest guitarists of all, Link Wray. Hard to believe now that back in '58 "Rumble" was banned from the radio for fear that it might incite gang violence.

Most people may know him as the “Rumble Man”,but he was way more than just that one song. His influence on guitar players is heard all around the world and his presence is heard everyday by people who don’t even know his name. Link broke the mould, if Rock and Roll is the sound of rebellion, then the world of  Rock and Roll owes a lifetime debt to Link Wray's importance as a truly iconic figure of electric guitar history.

Link Wray put the dirt,the grime,the true rebelliousness into rock’n’roll...


  1. good to have you back Scott. A brilliant track.

  2. Thanks Drew, good to be back..although I don't comment very often I still visit The Kitchen Table almost daily and it still continues to inspire and entertain...