Sunday, April 7, 2013

Answer Me, Why Won't You Answer Me?


I started working in record stores back in the late 80's, not long after I discovered the joys of gigs. My first full year with a music "specialist" was 1989 and even now some of the music from that year gets a regular spin. 

De La Soul released the groundbreaking Three Feet High and Rising , Lou Reed released his finest album in years with New York , The Pixies released their classic Doolittle as well as cracking albums from The Blue Nile, The Mary Chain, The Wedding Present and The Cure. It was such a good year that even Dylan and The Stones managed to release great albums with Oh Mercy and Steel Wheels respectively.

But for me the album of '89 has to be Technique where the mighty New Order perfected their irresistible blend of guitar and dance music. Many a day was passed in the store listening to an album that is somehow simultaneously depressing and uplifting. Every second of this music is perfect and even if Barney is never going to win an awards for singer of the year he should be recognised for his lyrics which perfectly complement the music. This album put New Order firmly at the forefront of the burgeoning Madchester scene with all the young whippersnappers getting all the glory but Barney, Hooky et al knew that they were the real Kings Of Manchester.

New Order -  Run


  1. Indeed - a very good year for music. Had New York and Technique on heavy rotation at that time. I also agree, that Technique is perfect.

  2. Their best album, song for song, without doubt