Thursday, January 30, 2014

I Can't Recall...

Last night saw the triumphant return to Glasgow for former Great Western Road resident Lloyd Cole. He did play a solo gig fairly recently but this time he was backed up with a full band in the shape of Glasgow cult band, The Leopards. Starting off with Rattlesnakes and Weeping Wine it was obvious from the start that this was going to be a very special night indeed. I first saw Lloyd Cole live back in the mid 1980's when he played at the SECC, wth the Commotions, and cannot recall seeing a sub standard Lloyd Cole gig over the years. Last night was certainly up there with the best of them. The ever deadpan Cole was on good form with the in between song banter and he could not have chosen a better band to play with than Mick Slaven's The Leopards. The set was as mix of Commotions tracks, some solo stuff and a fair amount from his latest album, Standards. The show concluded with the ever wonderful Forest Fire, allowing Mick Slaven the opportunity to do justice to that guitar solo.

I don't often get to gigs in time to see the support band, but made an exception last night for The Jazzatears, playing only their second gig in 30 years. This was well worth waiting for with the band playing their eponymous debut album from start to finish and then rounding things off with a cracking cover of Boys Keep Swinging. Their set sounded remarkably fresh for something which has been lying dormant for all of 30 years with Grahame Skinner's suave vocals rarely sounding better. Bit's of The Velvets, New York Dolls, Postcard Records all blended together perfectly. Let's hope they decide to play a few more gigs.

I spent the first fifteen minutes or so of Lloyd Cole's set trying to work out who the bass player was. Step forward Mr Campbell Owens of Aztec Camera fame. No idea what magical potion Aztec Camera were drinking back in the 80's but he looks even younger than the Peter Pan of pop himself.

Great gig, both bands on the top of their game. Have a feeling already that this will be in my list of gigs of the year come December.

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  1. I worked beside someone who went out with Campbell Owens. She found him "a wee bit boring" and chucked him....a couple of days later he was on Top of the Pops with Aztec Camera.