Sunday, January 26, 2014

Losin' Boy...

Sometimes you come across a tune where song, performance and production all blend together perfectly. Eddie Giles' Losin' Boy is one such tune. Starting off in his youth with local gospel choirs, he waited until 1966 before releasing his first secular recordings but they were well worth the wait. Sadly his final secular recordings were in 1977 with Giles returning to his roots as pastor of a church in Shreveport, Louisiana. Our loss is indeed the church’s gain.

Losin' Boy


  1. An absolute belter of a song, Scott

  2. I'm a losin' boy 'cos my baby is gone. As Drew said, a belter.

  3. Been meaning to post it for ages, it appeared on the MP3 player today and seemed like the right time to post such a great track