Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Got Me Rockin' and A Reelin'...

In the sixties, Barbara Randolph was, briefly, a singer with the Platters where her performances attracted the attention of Motown records, at one time even being considered a replacement for Florence Ballard of the Supremes. But that move was ultimately vetoed by Diana Ross who was jealous of her looks apparently. Motown did however release two singles by Barbara, both of which failed to make an impression on the charts. She went on to record 15 other tracks for Motown, but nothing was ever released until many years later when Motown collected all her recordings for them together on one mighty fine album. 

Vocally, in my opinion, she is up there with some of the more well known Motown female singers such as Tammi Terrell and Martha Reeves, although her vocal style is maybe a bit rougher, which is certainly not a criticism. The first of her singles,"I Got A Feeling" is a stoating, top-tastic floor filler (see previous post) , and if you are a fan of this kind of music you can find many more similiar cracking tracks here, here and here.

I Got A Feeling


  1. some very appropriate adjectives used today. Never heard of Barbara Randolph, but this is a fine record

  2. Stoating and indeed top-tastic!

  3. A tune and no mistake! And cheers for the mention.