Sunday, March 16, 2014

I've Got A Question Babe...

I was looking through some of my old posts today and realised that I tend to use certain adjectives on a fairly regular basis such as cracking and certain nouns such as a belter. So just to carry on that tradition today's track is cracking and is certainly a belter. Undoubtedly an influence on the likes of Otis and Wilson Picket, Roscoe Shelton had a vocal that blended older styles of Southern blues with a sort of fervent, gospel-charged style that scored him a few hits in the mid 60's most notably the classic Strain On My Heart. Today's choice on Spools was recorded a year earlier and really showcases Roscoe's vocal talents.



  1. Well you're not the only one who uses such adjectives. But the words "belting" and "cracking" are very apt for so many records. Such as this one. You could always throw in a "top-tastic" now and then for a bit of variety.

  2. I'm wearing a beaming smile, Scott, because I can certainly relate to your "adjective" issue. I've obsessed over it since I started blogging. My solution? Blushing all hues, I continued to use "cracking," "incredible," "brilliant," etc. until finally resorting to just posting the song along with a picture and the recording date.

  3. Thanks for the additional choice of adjectives George and CC, they make an appearance soon, although some days Vintage Groove's solution may be used for expediency.