Monday, April 28, 2014

Dumb and Drummer...

For a variety of reasons I don't go to anywhere near the amount of gigs that I used to. Last week,due to bad planning on my behalf,  I somehow managed to be at two within a couple of days of each other. The first one was really just an excuse for a night out as we hadn't seen one of the guys since his wedding last years and it seemed a good chance to grab a few beers while the second of the two gigs was one I had been looking forward to for a while. Strange how things work out with the one I had been really looking forward to turning out to be a bit disappointing, whilst the other one was one of the best gigs I have been to for a while.

Both gigs were in Nice'N'Sleazy in Glasgow with the first one being perennial Peel faves, The Nightingales, supported by Spools' fave Ted Chippington. I have to admit before Wednesday, despite many years listening to Peel, I could probably only have named you one or two Nightingales songs. Somehow they seemed to just pass me by in the days of lying under my covers furtively listening to Peely. Not really sure why as they played an absolute blinder at Sleazy's. Reminiscent throughout of Pere Ubu and The Fall and, more so, Captain Beefheart with a fantastically tight rhythm section comprising Andreas Schmid from Faust and one of the best drummers I have ever seen in the lovely Fliss Kitson. Top off with the angular guitar playing of former Prefect, Alan Apperley and the caustic word play of Robert Lloyd and you end up with a gig that was an absolute triumph from start to finish. Just a pity that Sleazy's was not busier as this will easily be in my top gigs of the year come the end of 2014. There is something a bit odd about a "comedian" who doesn't really tell jokes or have punchlines but Ted is just a naturally warm, funny bloke with an uncanny ability to make the most mundane thing like a tin of cheap meat sound funny (you probably had to be there !!). Still the true genius of British alternative comedy.

Two night later I was back in Sleazy's to see the return of former Goodbye Mr McKenzie singer, Martin Metcalfe. I had been anticipating this gig for a few weeks but left feeling underwhelmed and a tad disappointed. Whereas The Nightingales gig was full of energy, Martin and his band, The Fornicators, just seemed a bit lacklustre. Didn't really help that they were seated throughout and as anyone who has been to a gig in Sleazy's will know the stage is almost at the same level as the audience. Being 6ft I could see slightly but any vertically challenged punters would not have seen a thing unless they were right down the front. The set comprised all of Martin's career with Goodbye Mr McKenzie, Angelface and Isa And The Filthy Tongues, and whilst there were some great songs played on Friday - The Rattler, New Town Killers, Blacker Than Black and encore closer, Goodwill City - it just seemed to be lacking in oomph.

Dumb And Drummer

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  1. Gutted I couldn't be there but glad it was a top show!