Sunday, April 27, 2014

One Hell Of A Singer...

There are not many singers who could put on their C.V. that they that they have sang backing vocals for Ray Charles, Aretha, Donny Hathaway and Wilson Pickett. Quite why Judy Clay ended up as a backing vocalist instead of being as well known as all of them is one of music's great mysteries.With a recording career that started in the 50's with gospel group The Drinkard Sisters and took in labels such as Ember, Lavette, Scepter and Stax throughout the 60's it is astonishing that she had very few hits to her name.

Today's track from 1964 on Scepter perfectly showcases a great singer who never got her due. Hope you enjoy...

Lonely People Do Foolish Things


  1. You are right Scott - a great voice
    She also did the great duet Privare Nuber with William Bell

  2. It's very interesting to hear one of her early records - what a voice. A couple of months ago I posted a Stax-era track, 'You Can't Run Away From Your Heart' - have you heard that one?

  3. Haven't heard that one...will give it a listen. She was an incredible singer.

  4. I re-posted the expired link, Scott, if you want to hear it.


  5. Thanks Marie. I will have a listen tonight.