Thursday, April 17, 2014

Stay In My Corner...

Not many bands can say that they released records in 5 different decades. What is more remarkable is that The Dells did so with nearly all the same members. The Dells formed in 1953 in Illinois, Chicago and released their first record the same year on Checker records, scoring their first hit with Oh What A Nite three years later.

It would, however, take until the mid to late 60's before their career really took off with the classic Stay In My Corner making the Top 10 second time round. Initially released on Vee Jay in '65, it wasn't until Cadet released an expanded version in '67 that The Dells began to experience the success they richly deserved.

Quite simply one of the best vocal groups ever. Just a shame about Boyz II Men, Backstreet Boys, NSync and any number of bands that cite The Dells as an influence but who are not fit to be in the same room.

Stay In My Corner

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  1. Excellent song. Excellent. But you are absolutley correct, they are no Boyz II Men or NSync.