Sunday, April 13, 2014

For Your Precious Love...

Today's tune is one of those tracks that just sends a shiver right down my spine each time I listen to it. I have featured the glorious vocal talents of Garnet Mimms previously back here in 2011 when fewer people viewed the blog but when this tune came on the MP3 player today I thought it was a perfect opportunity to spread the word again about this great singer.

Originally recorded back in '58 by The Impressions, the best known version of For Your Precious Love is probably Otis Redding's version from 1965. Garnet got there a couple of years earlier and recorded my fave version which showcases his gospel inflected voice perfectly. Mimms loved Sam Cooke and Jackie Wilson and you can hear their influence in his vocal style.

For Your Precious Love


  1. I have that very album. Well, probably not the one in your picture, my own copy. And it is superb. Great choice.

  2. Superb Mr Paradise, check out Linda Jones version from a female perspective. She hits a note at 3.03 that isn't human.

  3. Long time since I had a comment from Rockin Rik. Good to have you back. Will have a listen bud.


    forgot to mention this.

    top 5 all years.