Thursday, April 10, 2014

I See A Clinic Full Of Cynics...

The ominous atmosphere and barely suppressed rage of  "The Lunatics (Have Taken Over The Asylum)" make it feel like the unofficial follow up single to the best Number 1 single in UK Chart history, "Ghost Town". In many ways it was as it was written with The Specials in mind and was Terry, Neville and Lynval's first single after the too early demise of one of the UK's finest ever bands.

The Fun Boy Three left the starting blocks with a single that painted a truly horrifying picture of the leaders of the free world and the policies they espoused. The lunatics truly had taken charge with Terry Hall's mournful vocals and lyrics lamenting the the fall of civilization as we know it. Makes you wonder how much has changed in the 33(!!!) years since it's release. Not a lot.

One of the truly great singles of the early 80's that would not grace the charts if released today...

The Lunatics(Have Taken Over The Asylum)


  1. Great song from a much under rated band.

  2. As Adam said, this is a cracking song, a great song, a belter, stoater, and it is toptastic.

  3. And listening to it agin, it has great little lines. Go Nuclear the cowboy told us. It's a fantastic song. Fantastic.