Wednesday, April 9, 2014

More Than Okeh...

For the last week or so I have been working 12 hour plus days so not had a chance to post anything. Normal service will resume soon but for now here is a corker of a track by Little Richard from1967 released on the Okeh label that somehow failed to chart. God, this is good...

A Little Bit Of Something


  1. I was going to post a bit of 60s Little Richard in the near future, Get Down With It. People tend to fhis output from then.

  2. This is not bat all, not bad. It's interesting, well to me anyway, that sometimes artists can release some great but quite unheralded songs many years after their prime/hey-day. And sometimes they just re-record their famous songs over and over for "greatest hits" packages.

  3. Much as I love all the obvious early Little Richard stuff his Okeh tracks are worh checking out. There is a compilation available of all his Okeh recordings which is really good. This period if his career seems to have been almost completely which is a real shame