Thursday, April 3, 2014

Tired Of Walking...

Take your Voice show BBC1 and stick it where the sun don't shine..this is a VOICE. Little Joe Hinton has a voice that just oozes soul. Wild, uninhibited and one to play at full volume. From the little info I can find on the web he only recorded three singles in the early 60's, two on the Arvee label and the one I am posting today on the Kent label.

Just great to hear such a raw, powerful vocal that should be played to all contestants on these vapid modern day karaoke "talent shows" at regular intervals until they understand.

Tired Of Walking


  1. Terrific track. And even better than The Voice, even better.

  2. That's a belter. A couple of his tracks were re-issued on an Outta Sight 7 last year, Let's Start A Romance and I Won't Be Your Fool

  3. It's just great to hear someone so unrestrained and passionate. And yes George, good as The Voice is this is even better

  4. Thanks CC, I don't rant often enough on Spools and although there are more deserving things to rant about that "TV show" just seemed to warrant it.