Saturday, May 31, 2014

Born Too Late...

If you are in the mood for "a simmering gumbo of Soul, R 'n' B, Rock 'n' Roll, Girl Group, Hillbilly & Black Gospel songs from the golden age of 20th century pop music" then head over here where Marie and her ever excellent Vintage Spins will provide just that.

Today's track on Spools comes courtesy of a female vocal group from the late 50's called The Poni-Tails and was their only US hit single The wonderful coming of age tune, "Born Too Late" started life as a B side before some DJ's preferring it to the A side flipped it and started playing it instead. Despite some decent follow up singles it proved to their only hit.

Born too Late

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  1. Scott,
    Thanks very much for the generous mention of my blog! It's much appreciated.

    I didn't pay attention to 'Born Too Late' for many years, but it's actually a very good pop concoction. When I looked it up, lo and behold, it reached #11 on Billboard's R 'n' B chart in September 1958, #7 on the Hot 100 and, here in Toronto, #4 on the CHUM 1050 chart.