Wednesday, May 28, 2014

More Okeh...

Another tune from the wonderful Okeh label, this time from The Triumphs with a 100mph dance floor filler from '67. With tunes like this it kinda makes you wonder how they managed to stay on the danceflooor for 8 hours at a time ? I'm a bit of  a latecomer to the joys of Northern Soul but have yet to come across a bad track from Okeh.

I'm Coming To Your Rescue

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  1. Phew!! (Wipes her brow.) 100 mph is right! Better a late-comer than never at all, Scott. There are so many incredible, soulful Northern Soul tracks to hear. I only wish I'd been part of the original scene in the '70s/'80s, though I understand All-Niters are still held all over the country. You lucky devils!!