Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Stopped In My Tracks...

Sometimes when you have the MP3 player on shuffle a song comes along that just stops you in your tracks and stops you doing what you are doing. It quite often happens to me when Etta James comes on. I was thinking how best to define Etta's unique voice to the few uninitited few who may not know her, but don't think I could sum it up better than Bonnie Raitt when she said "There's a lot going on in Etta James' voice, a lot of pain, a lot of life but, most of all, a lot of strength." Beautifully put.

All the pain and heartbreak that beset Etta's life is conveyed in every note of that raw, emotional, vocal style that could only be Etta.

All I Can Do Was Cry


  1. 'All I Could Do Was Cry' is one of my fave Etta James' tracks (and an ipod on shuffle is one of the true joys in life!)

  2. Hi Marie, the shuffle function is one of the great inventions. I just love the idea of not knowing what is coming next and then someone like Etta just coming on when you least expect it.

  3. Call me crazy, but iPod on shuffle seems to pick up on where I'm at and taylor the tunes to fit. Like I said. . . .