Monday, May 26, 2014

Comin' Down...

Jackie Shane was a gay black cross-dressing androgynous rhythm and blues singer who rose to fame in the early 1960’s mainly in the more liberal environs of Toronto. I recently saw an article on the web that described him as a cross between Little Richard, Prince and Eartha Kitt. That gives a flavour of his appearance but what is more important is the prodigious talent of the man, originally from Nashville

Beyond his strong Toronto following Jackie never achieved commercial success with only one hit record to his name in 1963 with his cover of William Bell's "Any Other Way which showcases his deeply emotive and powerful voice beautifully. Follow up single "In My Tenement" did not have the same impact but did contain this superb Bobby Darin cover on the flip side..

Comin' Down


  1. At first I read Bobby Dylan cover and got thoroughly confused!

  2. Jackie Shane doing "The Times they Are A-Changin' ? Now that would be a record worth hearing...