Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Pearly Dewdrops...

In honour of Prince playing Glasgow this Thursday today's tune comes courtesy of Grangemouth's finest, The Cocteau Twins. What have The Cocteaus got to do with His Royal Badness you may ask. In a recent interview with Mojo, Prince professed to being a fan of the band, even going as far as saying that The Cocteaus were "the soundtrack to a night of partying in Bryan Ferry's studio". I love The Cocteaus but have never really thought of them in tandem with partying. Maybe, just maybe, Prince's idea of a party may be slightly different to mine.

As I will not be going along to see the dimunitive one on Thursday, I will instead share one of my favourite Cocteaus songs with everyone who will not be shelling out £100.00 of their hard earned dough at The Hydro on Thursday.

Pearly Dewdrops Drop

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  1. I love Pearly Dewdrops Drop. But its a bit mind boggling to imagine Prince partying to it