Thursday, June 5, 2014

At The Country Club Re-Post...

As far as I can recall I have not re-posted any old posts on Spools but whilst looking through the archives there were a few that I felt would be worth sharing again now that a few more people look at the blog than did back then.
First up is a posting from 2011 about one of the finest musical talents that Scotland has ever produced, Mr Billy Mackenzie

"I have just finished reading Tom Doyle's biography of Billy MacKenzie, The Glamour Chase, and would heartily recommend it. As frontman of the Associates, gifted with an otherwordly, octave-scaling operatic voice, MacKenzie, together with partner Alan Rankine, enjoyed Top Twenty chart success in the early 80's. The book is a fascinating insight into the life of one of our most eccentric, endearing, talented and sorely missed pop stars.It is by turns funny, strangely innocent and ultimately ends up as a tragic family story. It showcases a complicated man driven by fame but endlessly pulling away from it. Read the book, put on your copy of Sulk and remember the immense talent that was Billy MacKenzie.

Party Fears Two remains the track that most people remember The Associates for, but for me it was the follow up that was their highpoint. Club Country remains as incredible and enthralling as it ever did and pop music would be much the poorer without it." 

Club Country (12")


  1. Quality track. I much prefer this album to its predecessor.

  2. Always loved 'Club Country' but 'Partyfearstwo' is never to be equalled.