Friday, June 6, 2014

Hot Off The Grill...

After receiving an email recently from Mark over at the excellent Cooking Up A Quiet Storm I have compiled a "summer mix" that you can find on his site, alongside many great mixes from fellow bloggers. Hopefully we might get some decent weather over the weekend to accompany it.

Hope you enjoy...


  1. Think today was the good weather Scott
    Haven't had a chance to listen to your mix yet but it is an impressive track list

  2. Think you could be right 'bout the weather CC. After listening to the mix it works quite well even without the obligatory barbecue. You should send a mix off to Mark. I'm already working on another one to send to him.

  3. Have already sent one Scott and am working on another

  4. Scott, CC, the weather in these parts is great! Will play the mix whilst sitting on the veranda enjoying the sunshine.

  5. CC - love the Caledonian menu, especially the scallop and Stornoway black pudding starter. Great mix to accompany the wonderful Scottish produce.
    George - Could you send some of that great weather in this direction ? Enjoy the sunshine, hopefully the mix will add a little something to the day.