Friday, July 11, 2014

Disco Friday...

This week's disco tune comes from British based band, Heatwave, and was also famously sampled in '87 by Public Enemy on "Sophisticated Bitch". Fusing elements of funk through their sound allowed Heatwave to stand out from the crowd when disco was at its height, and aligned with their constant touring they developed a tight, funky sound that saw them sitting pretty in both the UK and US charts, until they seemingly imploded in '78 with Rod Temperton quitting the band, although he did continue penning most of their songs. They did continue recording for a few years afterwards but never quite matched the heights of "Boogie Nights" and the incredibly danceable "The Groove Line"

Hope you enjoy...and have a wee boogie whilst enjoying...

The Groove Line


  1. Disco Friday is getting better and better.. the genius of Rod Temperton..

  2. Isn't he the bloke who wrote songs for Michael Jackson? Or is it someone with a similar sound name?

  3. Luca - glad you are enjoying the disco tunes
    George - The one and only Rod Temperton. I believe he also wrote tunes for the likes of George Benson and Quincy Jones amongst others.