Thursday, July 10, 2014

Johnny, You're Too Bad...

An absolutely glorious day here in Lanarkshire calls for some glorious summer sounds. From reggae's glory days in the early 70's came forth the joy that is "Johnny Too Bad". Apart from their contribution to "The Harder They Come" info on The Slickers is pretty hard to come by, with even the writers and performers on "Johnny Too Bad" in dispute, with some sources crediting Delroy Wilson and others crediting his brother Trevor. What is not in dispute is that whoever wrote the song created one of the finest reggae tunes of all time, that is just perfect for today's gorgeous weather in the West Of Scotland.

Johnny Too Bad


  1. Couldn't agree with you more, Scott. This is my favourite reggae single by far! Thanks for posting it and for the info.


  2. So we can assume that the sun is shining in my homeland then?

  3. Hi Marie, it is easily one one of the finest reggae tunes recorded. Pure quality
    George - what a glorious day we have had here. Perfect for listening to quality reggae.