Friday, July 25, 2014

Disco Friday...

Disco Friday was always destined to have a track from the "Saturday Night Fever" soundtrack so today is the turn of the Trammps with the disco classic "Disco Inferno". Inspired by a scene in the '74 movie, The Towering Inferno, where a discotheque goes up in flames, "Disco Inferno" was originally released in '76 and topped the US disco chart in '77 for 6 weeks. But it wasn't until its inclusion on the soundtrack album that it really took off in all it's 10 minute plus glory. A great vocal group, with the added bonus of the celebratory vocals of Jimmy Ellis their music has stood the test of time pretty well and is still guaranteed to fill any self respecting dance floor today.

Disco Inferno (Full Version)


  1. That was ten minutes of my life well spent. There are not too many lebgthy songs that hold the attention, yet somehow this does, with its little variations, and that insanely catchy tune, that great vocal, a fantastic song.

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  3. Fucking tune! Have you heard the Age Of Chance version? When performing it live on the Whistle Test the drum kit went on fire!

  4. George - it has stood the test of time so well. One it's finished you don't realise that you have been listening for 10 minutes plus, such a good song
    Drew - I remember the great Whistle Test appearance well. I was going to post the Age Of Chance version but can't find my copy anywhere. I'm sure you must have it somewhere for a wee posting at The Kitchen Table.