Sunday, July 27, 2014

Some Sunday Soul...

1984 saw the first chart foray in the UK for Cecil and Linda Womack, with the sublime "Love Wars". Totally out of sync with what was passing for "soul" music at the time, "Love Wars" was a welcome blast from the past, seeming to come from the golden era of early 70's soul, rather than the vapid, synth led soul that was in the charts in '84. Looking back it would be hard for the brother of soul legend, Bobby Womack, and the daughter of Sam Cooke not to make great music together. Before I played this last night I had forgotten how good this track is, especially the full 12" version that awaits your listening pleasure today.

Hope you enjoy...

Love Wars


  1. It's an excellent song, Scott, very good indeed. But I do think it has the hallmarks of an early 1980s song with that synthetic feel to the music. But thanks to quality tune and fine vocals it doesn't matter, it's a fine song from that era.

  2. ...and great fat funky bass, great gospel-style backing and a killer rhythm. Quality

  3. I know what you mean George, but I think the vocals and quality of the song have a sort of 70's feel to them, more so when listened to alongside most other so called soul music of the early/mid 80's. It has a certain class to it that seems to transcend the synthetic feel. Couldn't agree more 'bout the funky bass, rhythm and the gospel backing. i had forgotten what a great tune it was until the other night.