Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Electric Boogaloo...

Hey, you, the Rock Steady Crew
Show what you do, make a break, make a move
Hey, you, the Rock Steady Crew
B-boys, breakers, electric boogaloo

For some unknown reason those four immortal lines have been in my head all day. I don't really remember my dreams most nights so not sure if I was dreaming about being in The Rock Steady Crew during the night, but I literally woke up singing (badly) those very lyrics.  I read an article on them before going to sleep last night about their recent 37th anniversary gig in Central Park so that may be the reason. I have often thought that I don't dream but apparently we all do, it's just that some people, like me, don't remember them.

A million selling single in the UK over 30 years ago, and a Number 1 hit in The Netherlands. Those Dutch know a good tune when they hear one. Formed in The Bronx 37 years ago, The Rock Steady Crew's unique brand of hip hop harks back to a more innocent time where it was all about having fun and putting a smile on people's faces, rather than rapping about hoes, bitches and guns. The "bring back old school hip hop" campaign starts here...

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