Sunday, August 17, 2014

Some Sunday Soul...

Apart from "California Soul" I was not that aware of the music of Marlena Shaw until fairly recently. A few Sundays back during the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow the Merchant City was transformed for the annual Vintage Festival and one of the stalls was run by the wonderful Charity Shop DJ. At the stall you got a plain white cardboard 12" album sleeve and wrote your name and one of your fave songs on it. You then held it up in front of you and got your picture taken, before it appeared on a large screen alongside all the others who had done the same. A very special person who was there with me picked "California Soul" and it got me thinking that I hadn't really heard much of Shaw's work. After listening to her for the last few weeks I can't believe that I was not more aware of the sublime talent that is Marlena Shaw.

Although still recording and performing today, her best material are the tracks she recorded for Cadet in the 60's and Blue Note in the 70's. Real music, sung from the heart. Incredible voice that just seems perfect for a chilled out, relaxing Sunday. By equal measures versatile, unique and oozing soul, Marlena Shaw is so much more than just "California Soul".

A good starting place for anyone, like me, who hasn't heard much of her material is her Anthology album, released on the Soul Brother label back in 2010.

Loving You Was Like A Party


  1. Woman of the Ghetto is the one for me and I also reach for her version of Wade In Water now and again but less so these days as my favourite version of thaa at the moment is the Big Mama Thornton one.

  2. That Charity Shop DJ could never been our friend Mr CC, that sounded like an original idea to me..........
    I like the 1970s mellow-funky feel to today's song.

  3. Drew - "Woman Of The Ghetto" may well appear at some point in the future. It was between that and "Loving You Was Like A Party" for today's post but needed something nice and mellow after a night on the tiles
    George - Glad you liked the song, shame about the unoriginal words that accompanied it...