Friday, August 15, 2014

Disco Friday...

Today's disco tune is another one of those tracks that not everyone may think fits the disco genre, but I feel it merits it's place so it is this week's Disco Friday tune. From 1980, "Take Your Time (Do It Right) was our first introduction to the The Sounds Of Success, better known to all of us as The S.O.S. Band. Apparently the single sold over two million copies, not too shabby for a debut single. Hard to believe that this is almost 35 years old now, although I do have a vague recollection of roller skating to this tune at The Olympia in East Kilbride. It's strangely comforting how you can pin point most parts of your life through music and how certain songs can transport you back to what you were doing at a certain time in your life. Great tune, that today would still get the party started tonight...

Take Your Time (Do It Right)


  1. You have put me in mind of that thankfully short craze for the roller disco Scott!

  2. Glad to see that the disco torch is still being carried forward - and this is one that I think would have been included in my own Top 10, Scott, if I hadn't retreated to the hinterlands of the blogosphere before completion. (I know there are a lot of closet disco fans out there!)

  3. I love these tales from your youth, the clothes and now roller skating. Superb.

  4. CC - apparently very much back in vogue. I was speaking to someone the other day who was heading to a roller disco, who hadn't roller skated for about 30 years ! I was asked if I fancied going but think my roller skating days are well and truly over...
    Marie - I think you are totally correct, there are many more disco fans out there who may not openly admit to being fans.
    George - More tales from my misspent youth to follow...