Thursday, August 14, 2014

Simply Dusty...

It goes without saying that "Dusty In Memphis" is, by anyone's standards, a classic album. And much as I do love said album the one Dusty album that I go back to time after time is her debut from 1964 on the Philips label, "A Girl Called Dusty". Some of the tracks, such as "I Only Wanna Be With You" are well known to all, but it is the lesser known tracks, like "When The Lovelight Starts Shining", that showcase what a vocal talent she was from the very beginning of her career. Starting off with a terrific version of "Mama Said", Dusty is in full control from the off and delivers on every track, from beautiful ballads such as "Will You Love Me Tomorrow" to uptempo numbers like the electrifying "Can I Get A Witness". There are quite a few covers on the album that more than match the originals including my favourite recorded version of "Twenty Four Hours From Tulsa".

One of the finest female vocalists of all time, her debut album captures perfectly the unique, soulful vocals of one of the most versatile and gifted singers that have ever graced the charts. There is a very good reason why, along with Dionne Warwick, she became the greatest interpreter of Burt Baccarach songs and this album, that is my third choice in my Top 10 rundown, encapsulates the moment when the world first experienced the wonderful Dusty Springfield.

It also has one of the best sleeves of any album that I own. Just a very simple cover of Dusty in a blue denim shirt, standing in front of a blue background. Doesn't sound that great but it just works so well, like the best album covers do.

Mama Said


  1. A splendid early 1960s pop song, I've never heard it before. I'm afraid it had absolutely no impact on the dog sleeping on the floor next to me, though. Interesting choice for a Top Ten.

  2. Hi George, it's an album that from the very first day I took it home - after buying it in a Virgin sale for 50p - I just fell in love with. It almost feels like a greatest hits, rather than a debut album due to every track just being perfect pop songs. Combine that with one of the greatest female vocalists of all time and you have one heck of an album. Suffice to say the Top 10 will not be made entirely from albums on the header.