Thursday, September 25, 2014

Freakin' Awful...

As a companion piece to Tuesday's posting on former Jam drummer Rick Buckler today's post features former Jam bass player, the one and only, Mr Bruce Foxton. His first post Jam single, "Freak" barely troubled the charts and it's fairly easy to see why. Somewhere along the way Bruce seemed to have forgotten that a decent song requires a decent melody. God Only Knows (now there's a decent melody) why he chose this unmelodic awful dirge to start off his solo career. I was not holding out much hope for his debut solo album but it turned out to be a fairly decent set of songs, with "Freak" being the worst track on the album.

Bruce wrote some decent tunes in The Jam,"Smithers Jones" being a prime example, and his solo album proved he could still pen a tune. "Touch Sensitive" is full of great pop songs including "Whatever The Reason" and a remix of "Writing's On The Wall", the b side to "Freak".

"Writing's on The Wall" was aimed squarely at Mr Weller and his decision to walk away from the most successful band in the UK at the time....

Writings On The Wall

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